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Solace UK

SOLACE UK is a registered charity that was established in 2010. We responded to the sad demand of many revert sisters who are enduring great difficulties since embracing Islam.Whilst there are many organisations within the UK who give dawah to non-muslims and take care of the initial tarbiyyah needs of reverts, we felt that there lacked an organisation that supported them holistically. Hence, SOLACE was born.

The reality is many revert sisters have a real zeal and passion for Islam after taking their shahadah, but many find themselves lost and alone to deal with the many problems that they encounter thereafter. Problems such as; abandoned by non muslim family, isolated within their communities,
homelessness after being removed from the family home, choosing the wrong spouse which often leads to marital problems, domestic violence, children taken into social services and the list goes on. As a result of these many problems, we find revert sisters contemplating leaving Islam, actually leaving Islam or in some cases feeling suicidal and completely overwhelmed.

SOLACE UK has established a very structured and clear service which aims to provide support to these sisters encountering some of the above problems. Our Support Scheme service is very unique in that it provides each revert sister with a fully trained support worker for one to one support. The support is structured and person centred with the aim of giving the revert sister tools to handle their tests and then setting
them up with a firm foundation Islamically to move forward in a positive way in their lives.